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Screen Time Can Affect Your Child’s Teeth and Health

Does your child go to bed with electronics? With the limitations on current activities due to COVID-19, more screen time is inevitable. However, setting boundaries and ensuring your child does not stay up too late with their devices can make all the difference in lowering their risks for ADHD, sleep deprivation and poor oral hygiene.


Poor Oral Hygiene

According to RDH magazine, the top issues caused by screen time when it should be bedtime include more caries (cavities) and poor day-to-day oral care. You may be asking yourself how screen time and poor oral hygiene can be linked.  If your child is staying up late or falling asleep with his or her device, the likelihood that they have brushed their teeth before bed decreases. Instead, use their device to show your child the proper brushing techniques and set an alarm for when it’s time to brush. You can also add a timer for a full two minutes, the amount of time needed for adequate brushing.


Tiredness and Hyperactivity

Children can be completely alert and exhausted at the same time. This situation is very common considering the amount of activity our kids typically participate in each day. As we begin thinking about back to school, sports, and other activities, we can sometimes push ourselves and our kids a bit over the edge when it comes to a balanced lifestyle. This can lead to overstimulation and sleep deprivation. Again, if your child has trouble winding down and ends up spending too much time on their electronic devices, you are once again, potentially setting them up for poor oral hygiene.


Read more about how sleep deprivation can exacerbate dental problems and behavioral issues at the link below. Sleep deprivation can extend itself into many aspects of your child’s life, so it’s important to manage it and set boundaries with electronic devices.


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