Why Us

Commitment to Patients

At Pediatric Dental Associates, we strive for excellence. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality dental care to our patients, and with years of experience working with kids, our pediatric dentists and seasoned team of pediatric dental expert staff know how to make every trip to our office fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

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Our History

Since 2004, Pediatric Dental Associates of Alabama has been providing its pediatric patients with exceptional dental care. With a focus on caring for each of our patients as if they were our own, providing compassionate pediatric dental care is always our top priority. Our six pediatric dental care locations throughout the state of Alabama offer a wide array of pediatric dental services and treatments including, cleanings, X-Rays, sealants, sleep disorder-related dental problems, NuSmile Pediatric Zirconia Crowns, and more.

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Our Green Environment

At Pediatric Dental Associates of Alabama, we have taken extra steps to re-think every aspect of our business and procedures to ensure that we are part of the solution. Our overall concern for environment and the health of our employees and patients has been, and will continue to be, a determining factor in choices of materials, protocols, and technology for our dental practices. Practices include:

Digital radiography, eliminates the use of toxic chemicals used for processing films and lead foils

Chartless office to decrease the amount of paper consumed

Non toxic/Eco-friendly detergents and cleaners

Practice environmentally conscious purchasing by placing supply orders only twice a month

Energy Star compliant appliances and lightbulbs

Lights, computer screens, and TVs are turned off at lunch every day

Environmental Stewardship

At Pediatric Dental Associates of Alabama we have designed a dental practice that reflects our commitment to the well-being of our patients, team members, community, and environment. Through diligent planning we have created high performance green facilities that are a healthy, productive place to work, less costly to operate and maintain, and reduce our environmental footprint.

Biocompatible Materials

For the safety of our patients, we have diligently sought out BPA-free dental composite resin and sealant materials, which we use exclusively.

Happy Kids & Parents

Your premiere provider of pediatric dental services in Alabama.

“First dental appointment with my son, and the staff was incredible! My little one was well taken care of, treated amazing, and the whole visit was quick!”

“Glad I found this place now my daughter want be scared anymore to come to the dentist!!! Thanks you guys. You all are absolutely amazing!!!!! Wish I could give you more than 5 stars!”

“I love Dr. Baker and all the staff he has working there. I have never had a bad experience with these people. They truly care about children.”

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