Allergies and Oral Health

As the season of spring goes into full swing, so may your child’s allergies. Oral health can be affected by allergies, so it’s important to be aware of certain symptoms your child may present to determine if their allergies require them to go to the dentist.

Common side effects of seasonal allergies include dry mouth, tooth pain and sore throat. Read on to learn more.

Dry Mouth

If your child has a stuffy nose, they are most likely breathing through their mouth most of the day and during the night when they sleep. Dry mouth can also be a side effect of antihistamines which are commonly prescribed to battle seasonal allergies. Dry mouth is a condition that can lead to bad breath, discomfort and bacteria growth. The reduction of saliva with dry mouth can cause issues because saliva plays a vital role in eliminating food and plaque that can adhere to the teeth. When saliva is reduced, the tooth can become more susceptible to decay and the gums can become vulnerable to gingivitis.

Ways to combat the onset of dry mouth include putting a humidifier in your child’s room, making sure he or she is hydrated, avoiding sports drinks and sodas, and brushing after each meal.

Tooth Pain

Stuffed sinuses can cause pain in the face, reaching as far down as the teeth. When sinuses become inflamed and pressure builds in the sinuses surrounding the nasal cavity, your child may feel residual pain in the roots of their upper molars. This discomfort can present itself while eating, cause sensitivity to hot and cold and a throbbing feeling. If pain persists for your child after taking allergy medication, there may be underlying decay, so contact your dentist for an examination.

Sore Throat

Postnasal drip caused by excess drainage can be a symptom of seasonal allergies and cause a sore throat. The main side effect of sore throat is bad breath. You can ease your child’s sore throat pain, while eliminating the bacteria buildup that’s causing the bad breath, by having them rinse and gargle with salted water. Salt is great for drawing out mucous and diminishing bacteria.

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