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4 kids sitting on a bench eating ice cream in the summer

Managing Summer Sweets

Q. We are approaching summer, the time of year when my kids have more opportunities to make unhealthy drink and snack choices. How do I maintain my child’s oral health around all these new opportunities to consume energy drinks, ice cream cones and snoballs? A. Summer is a time for rest and relaxation. So, we

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Allergies and Oral Health

As the season of spring goes into full swing, so may your child’s allergies. Oral health can be affected by allergies, so it’s important to be aware of certain symptoms your child may present to determine if their allergies require them to go to the dentist. Common side effects of seasonal allergies include dry mouth,

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Holiday Dental Health has some great tips for avoiding cavities during the holiday season. Some examples include “be picky if it’s sticky” and “watch out for the dangers of too many starches”. Decay can occur in as short a time as a holiday weekend, so learn more about how to protect your child’s teeth here. Enjoy your holidays

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