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10 Tips for Healthy Gums

How many times have you told your child to smile and say “cheese?” When it comes to cute photos, teeth get all the glory. But it’s the gums that are the real unsung hero. In fact, when it comes to oral hygiene, the gums should get just as much attention. September is National Gum Care Month and in honor …

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The Importance of Wearing Mouthguards to Prevent Dental Injuries

A new school year is kicking off across the country. With it begins a new season of extra-curricular sports activities. You would never send your rising football star onto the field without a protective helmet and pads. However, don’t overlook one smaller, but no less important piece of equipment: a mouthguard. How Mouthguards Protect Your …

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Five Myths About Teething

Nothing melts a new parent’s heart quite like a wide infant grin that shows off their new little teeth. However, those adorable pearly whites cutting through sensitive gums can cause irritability and discomfort for baby and exhaustion and stress for moms and dads. You’ll do anything to relieve your baby’s pain. But before you start …

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

If you are the parent of an infant or young toddler, you may find yourself trying anything to get your child to either sleep through the night and/or soothe themselves to sleep. However, one common tactic – letting your child have a bottle or sippy cup before bed or during the night in their crib …

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The Truth About Cavities

Did you know your child could have a cavity without even feeling it? Or that some cavities can progress to a point that your child would need a pediatric crown? Cavities are very important to catch early. The best way to do this is to schedule your child for twice yearly cleanings. However, there are …

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