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Restoring Your Child’s Smile with NuSmile

Occasionally, a child’s baby teeth need to be repaired or replaced. This could be the result of damage from decay or an accident that resulted in a chipped tooth. In some cases, the original tooth grows in misshapen. For these situations, pediatric dental crowns are the most practical option to return your child’s smile to its original state.

Why would my child need pediatric dental crowns?

Even though your child will have their baby teeth for just a short amount of time, they play an essential role in their oral health and development. They help him or her chew. They are vital for the development of good speech. Not to mention the self-confidence they provide when your child smiles.

Baby teeth also serve as a placeholder for the permanent teeth that are growing under the gums. Without them, permanent teeth can shift and result in problems later, such as crowded or crooked teeth. Dental crowns cover the entire affected tooth, restoring it to its proper shape, size, and function. It can also prevent the spread of decay to the surrounding teeth.

What is NuSmile?

NuSmile is the leading manufacturer of zirconia ceramic children’s crowns. Unlike metal crowns from decades past, zirconia provides the right texture, color, and translucency so the crowns look like real teeth. They are also extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear without cracking or chipping. The crown falls out naturally when it’s time for permanent teeth to grow in.

What steps are involved in installing a crown?

First, your child’s dentist will numb the area around the affected tooth. They will then put a dental dam in place. A dental dam is a thin sheet of rubber a with a hole in the center used to isolate the site of the tooth from the rest of the mouth to prevent infection. If decay is present, the dentist will remove it before shaping the tooth to fit the crown. The crown is then permanently bonded to the tooth.

What can I expect after my child has been fitted with a crown?

Your child could experience some mild discomfort for up to 24 hours after the procedure. Over the counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen will help to ease the discomfort. If pain persists after 24 hours, contact your child’s dentist.

It is important to teach your child how to maintain good oral hygiene. Even after a crown has been put in place, your child should still brush their teeth twice a day and see a dentist every six months. Avoid sugary foods and snacks and be sure to encourage them to floss daily.

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