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The Benefits of BOTOX®

BOTOX®, which we will refer to as Botox, is well-known among anti-aging enthusiasts for its ability to reduce age lines along the lips and face. But it has also gained traction as a treatment option for relieving pain caused by TMJ, tooth grinding, and migraines. What is Botox? Botox refers to Botox injections, which are […]

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Why Is Your Child Tired During the Day?

Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Could be to Blame Snoring is most commonly associated with older adults. But the fact is, children snore too! The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that anywhere from 3 – 12 percent of children snore. In most cases, the symptoms are mild and many children outgrow the condition.  Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea (POSA) is different. It is a sleep disorder

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Autism and the Dentist

April is National Autism Awareness Month and during it, we celebrate our patients with auditory disorders, their triumphs, personalities, and the joy they bring to us when visiting one of our offices. Bringing a child with an auditory disorder to the dentist can be a daunting task, especially because many auditory disorders are associated with

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Comfort Pets at Pediatric Dental Associates

Calm, fun, and-stress free probably aren’t the terms you’d expect your child to associate with going to the dentist for procedures like dental checkups, fillings for cavities or pediatric crowns. However, at Medplex Pediatric Dentistry, our sweet Sugar, a black Labrador Retriever, provides comfort and love to our patients when they need it most.  

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What are Pediatric Crowns?

You may be wondering why your child would need a pediatric crown, especially if we are recommending one for primary teeth. Believe it or not,  even though primary teeth will fall out, your child’s first teeth are extremely important to future dental development. Your child may also have soft teeth that are susceptible to cavities

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NuSmile Crowns: Best for Kids

Pediatric crowns are typically recommended for children who have dental injury such as a broken tooth or decay beyond repair. Even though baby teeth will fall out, restoring the tooth is crucial to ensure proper dental development. Many options are available for pediatric crowns including silver caps. However, at Medplex, we use NuSmile crowns because

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