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Summer Diets and Dental Health

Summer is the season for lemonade, ice cream, sno balls, and prolonged-time outside. Because of the sweets and heat during this specific season, it’s especially important to be mindful of dental do’s and don’ts for your child.


For example, did you know that chewing on ice can be bad for your child’s teeth? Because ice is so hard, it can lead to a broken tooth or gum abrasion in your child’s mouth. Save the ice for drinks only and try to steer your child away from munching on it to cool down.


Your child may also be loading up on sports drinks if they are overexerting themselves during outdoor activities. With higher temperatures, many of us steer our kids towards sports drinks to replace electrolytes and aid in hydration. However, the truth is that sports drinks are no better for your child’s teeth than juice. Make sure you stick to juice consumption guidelines found here (see Recommendations)  before you overload on sports drinks. The same is true for one of summer’s favorite beverages – lemonade, which can be acidic and sugary. If overconsumed or not washed away through proper brushing and flossing, lemonade and other sugary drinks can lead to decay and erosion of enamel.


Here are some links to low sugar drinks and foods that your child can enjoy, while attempting to beat the heat this summer!


  1. Eating Well’s –
  2. Tasty’s Best Homemade Low Sugar Drinks to Try Instead of Soda –
  3. Slushberry Drinks –


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