What are Pediatric Crowns?

You may be wondering why your child would need a pediatric crown, especially if we are recommending one for primary teeth. Believe it or not,  even though primary teeth will fall out, your child’s first teeth are extremely important to future dental development. Your child may also have soft teeth that are susceptible to cavities through no fault of their own. Soft teeth, untreated cavities and deep decay are the main reasons a pediatric crown may be required. NuSmile Crowns provide tooth restoration, while maintaining the appearance of a natural looking finish. Other options include silver caps, which can have an unnatural appearance.


NuSmile Zirconia Crowns are durable, functional, scientifically designed, naturally matched, quick to implement, easy to use, and backed by testing done by the solution’s manufacturer on strength, fracture resistance, wear and more.


Having a NuSmile Crown procedure on your child is the same as getting a silver colored crown. First, Dr. Chambliss will remove some of your child’s enamel, so the crown fits snugly around your child’s tooth with the correct proportions. Next, he will take impressions of your child’s teeth and send them to the lab. Then Dr. Chambliss adjusts the crown and prepares it for your child at the office.


Before your child receives his or her NuSmile Crown, a temporary crown will be put in its place. This ensures the tooth is protected while the NuSmile Crown is being created and assembled. Typically, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the area during the procedure. With proper care, NuSmile crowns will last for many years.


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